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Battle of the Clans

Two Teams. One Crown. This is Battle of the Clans.

Battle of the Clans is an exciting, brand-new reality competition where two celebrity couples lead a clan of their famous friends. The teams compete against each other in various challenges, to be crowned the ultimate clan and win money for their chosen charity. The two teams will face epic physical and mental challenges each week. After both challenges have taken place, the defeated clan risking losing one of their members during a tense elimination. Clan members are also given the opportunity to swear their allegiance to their clan or betray their friends and switch teams; everyone wants to be in the winning team to have a stronger chance of taking home the crown. The clans live together in one house, meaning there is plenty of conflict, new romances and explosive drama. Will the clans stay united to win the money for their charity, or will betrayals and heartbreak stand in their way?