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In the battle of food and flames, raw talent wins the day. 

From fancy restaurants to a simple dinner party, everyone knows the cook who works the grill, works the magic!

These heatproof heroes can take flavour experiences to the next level with just two ingredients - fire and imagination. Now, in a nationwide search for today's most inspired amateur grillers, 10 contestants come together to give their all for the coveted title of Grillmaster. Facing a series of timed challenges in each episode, the hopefuls must showcase their technique with open flames to recreate classic dishes with an understanding of modern flair and international flavours. Judged by acclaimed chefs in themed categories including Meat, Fish, Poultry, Fruits and Vegetables, missteps mean elimination, and an emotional departure from the Grillmaster tent. Only cool heads and high spirits will carry these competitors to the final round, and a sizzling winner-take-all menu presentation.