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Taking viewers behind the scenes of your Nation’s favourite reality stars. Mums: Famous & Unfiltered provides an uplifting and never-before-seen look at what it takes to be a social media star and a full time mum.

Viewers may think they know them from their glamorous daily posts, but now they’ll have the chance to discover another side to their favourite celebrities. Mums: Famous & Unfiltered provides a relatable look at how these women balance their career, children, and relationships. This reality format reveals the authentic unfiltered journey and challenges these famous mothers face: from tantrums, night-feeds and home schooling, through to the photoshoots and business meetings: no part of their life is off limits! Delving deep into their stories’, these mothers are doing their best to ‘have it all’, even if they don’t always get it right. They might be known for sharing their lives with the world, but this all-access format proves they're just like you and me!