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Time is Money

The time-saving celebrity life hack show

Ever wished there were more hours in the day? We’ve got a hack for that!


Time is Money brings life hacks into the studio for this primetime entertainment format.  Each episode, a panel of celebrities take turns to show off  their favourite life hacks.  Some are silly, some could be considered dangerous, but all are designed to improve our lives. Viewers at home learn the science while the celebrities judge one another’s hacks, choosing the best in show – the  Star Hack.


Meanwhile, in the 2nd studio, our co-host welcomes  members of the public who get to share their own hacks.  The celebrity panel review them and contestants with the best hacks are invited to the main studio for a chance to try their luck at the Star Hack. Having watched the celebrity, the contestants attempt to replicate the hack in the fastest time to win a prize.


Time is Money is an energetic studio gameshow that guarantees to save us time in the most entertaining way possible.