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Drop Dead Diva

The adventures of a superficial model-in-training who dies only to come back as an overweight, idealistic female attorney.

When beautiful-but-vapid model wannabe, Deb, has a fatal car accident, she suddenly finds herself in front of heaven’s gatekeeper, Fred, who declares her a self-centered “zero.” Outraged, she attempts to persuade Fred to return her to her shallow existence, but is accidentally reincarnated in the body of the recently deceased Jane Bingham. A brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney with a loyal assistant, Teri. Jane has always lived in the shadow of her more attractive colleagues whereas Deb has always relied on her external beauty. Now, by a twist of fate and a bolt of divine intervention, Deb must come to terms with inhabiting Jane’s curvier frame in the ultimate showdown between brains and beauty.