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The Substitute

School has never been this fun!

The Substitute is a stripped-back, high-energy lesson in a class of its own. A stand-in teacher ambushes a high school class: “You’re on a game show and you’re about to compete for $5,000!” 20 students are whittled down to five finalists in a series of head-to-head trivia challenges: Things You Should Know involves “classroom questions” on history, science, etc; while Things You Do Know switches to stuff the students actually like – video games, You Tube videos and music. Five winners battle it out in Round 3 – Things You Do – which features a physical challenge, such as reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance in the style of a robot. The top student and a challenger chosen by the class both give answers to the comedian host’s questions. Their responses must try to match the most popular answers already given by 100 high school kids. If the challenger wins, the whole class shares the cash!