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They've got all the answers!

A general knowledge quiz show in which contestants can ask for clues from a Joker if they don’t know the answer to a question. When called for the Joker appears on set as a hologram and gives the contestant a helping hint in line with their own characteristics or personality. There are many Jokers, each smarter and funnier than the last, and you never know which will appear to help one of the three contestants win the €10,000 prize. The Eraser Joker reveals the answer with a part rubbed out - can the contestant work out what is missing to get the complete answer? The Magician Joker conjures up an object, if the contestant guesses what it is they have the right answer. Contestants can ask for a Joker in any of the three rounds, but each come with a price, less points are earned if a Joker’s help is sought and at the end of each round, the contestant with the least points has to go.