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The Newlywed Game

The honeymoon is over: are these couples really a perfect match?

Their courtship was a blur, the honeymoon period is a distant memory, and now, every day begins and ends with the same person. Surely by now, you know everything about one another …right?!  Welcome to The Newlywed Game. Here, three teams of recent spouses or newly cohabiting partners are put on the spot to earn points and prizes – with each couple asked to predict their companion’s answers to a range of questions that are seemingly simple yet loaded with comedic potential. While their other half is backstage, their partner might be asked: "How long had you been dating before you became engaged?" or "What is their own favourite - and least favourite body part?"  As they rejoin each other to compare, and hopefully match the most answers, humorous double meanings and touchy tempers invariably emerge, keeping The Newlywed Game a proven audience favourite.