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Big games. Big falls. Big laughs. Bigheads!

Unlike anything you’ve seen before, Bigheads is the hilarious new physical game show that pits the world’s most recognisable faces against one another. It’s boisterous, over the top comedy as each week eight members of the public don larger than life celebrity heads and compete to win a cash prize. To get there, they’ll have to successfully navigate a massive arena filled with high-energy, celebrity-inspired games, all whilst trying to balance their enormous heads. As the madness unfolds, the comedy host and game commentators provide lively narration of the Bigheads bumping and crashing their way through the course. Can Adele dodge the competition and make it to the end of the speedy red carpet? Or will Donald Trump crush his opponents on the spinning record player? Time will tell in this hysterical family show that brilliantly combines big slapstick humour and witty satire to create viral must-see moments week after week.