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Prized Apart

Separated by miles, but winning together.

In Prized Apart, ten adventurers – men and women – leave their friends and families behind and fly off to a remote destination where they battle it out in a series of epic physical and mental challenges to win a life changing prize. But in an emotional twist for each adventurer, their loved one back home will play a deciding role in the contest. At the end of each grueling week, the three lowest scoring adventurers are flown back to the studio where their partners anxiously await. The stay-at-home partners must then play to keep their adventurers in the competition by answering a set of tough questions in a head-to-head battle.  At the end of the question rounds, the adventurers from the two highest scoring teams will get back on the plane to fight it out for another week; they are prized apart once more. For the losing pair, it will be a bittersweet elimination; they are reunited but out of the game.