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The Briefcase

Cash vs. conscience: would you change someone else's life or your own?

Each week, in an audacious, miracle-making social intervention, The Briefcase introduces us to two families in need. As the fateful title suggests, they are presented with a case containing $101,000 in cash, and granted the power to make one fateful choice: Keep all the money for themselves? Keep some of it? Or give it all away to a family less fortunate? Each have 72 hours to learn about the other’s circumstances and make a decision… BUT, in a complicating twist, each family is unaware that the other has also been given money, and faces the same difficult decision. Will goodwill and generosity prevail? With heartwarming and often surprising insight, The Briefcase sparks conversation and audience connection as families from all walks of life deliberate on this life-changing choice.