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Second Chance Salon

Personal heartfelt stories are told in the salon that's all about fresh starts.

Second Chance Salon is a makeover format for those needing a fresh start, it tells the very personal stories of unique people and their inner and outer transformation – and all during an appointment in a hairdressing salon. The hairdressers listen and react to the stories with great empathy – and at the same time, a completely new look is created for the customer. In addition to a haircut, the clients get their make-up done by a make-up artist and a new outfit is selected by a team of stylists. The new look is symbolic of a new phase in the clients' lives: Whether for an upcoming job interview, for an illness that was overcome, or for the beginning of some long-desired me-time. In each episode, three customers tell their personal stories: funny, tragic, beautiful – but always emotional and touching. During their visit, all the mirrors in the salon are covered and at the end, there is the big unveiling where they see their new look for the first time - a particularly emotional moment that is theirs alone. Second Chance Salon is a feel-good format that tells stories about life and makes inner changes visible on the outside.