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The Job

It will change your life.

Each week, the country's best and brightest compete in front of a live studio audience, for a once in a lifetime chance to land their dream job. Narrowed down from thousands of applicants by a roster of the nation's most prestigious companies, each week a select five candidates will face off on stage in a series of competitions that put their skills, ambition and hunger to the ultimate test. But it's not just a coveted spot at a premiere company that's up for grabs - so are the candidates, as a contingent of industry titans lurk in the wings, waiting for their chance to poach the top talent from each episode. This groundbreaking format redefines the meaning of 'talent' show and celebrates the true national heroes of a precarious time in world economic history when being part of the workforce means going to battle. And like any good fight, the stakes are high and the drama is real - This is The Job.