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Parenting for Idiots

Finally, a show that tells parenting like it really is.

Forget the calm, idyllic parenting shown in ads – real parenting is not a fairy tale. It’s the ultimate test of patience, hygiene and nerve. Parenting For Idiots takes an honest, hilarious look at the world’s most common job, and highlights what parents everywhere have always known but never wanted to say – being a parent is tough. From the constant diaper changing of infancy, to the awkward “you’re not wearing that” chat with your teenager, raising a child is a journey mired with many sleepless nights. Not to mention utter confusion as you wonder the whole time whether you’re screwing it up. But if you think everyone else is getting it right, and you’re the only idiot, think again. It’s time to tell it like it is. Through hysterical interviews with famous parents and baby test drives for childless celebrities, Parenting For Idiots uncovers the humour and universal truths in all aspects of parenting.