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Plain Jane

Can a frump-to-fabulous makeover win the heart of a secret crush?

Life doesn't promise storybook endings, but it can't hurt to have a Celebrity Stylist Fairy Godmother on hand to help things along, transforming everyday women into confident, polished knockouts, ready to win the hearts of their secret crushes. Each week, audiences meet a new woman through a video diary that introduces her dreams, her potential, and the identity of a special man who is in her life, but unaware he is the object of romantic affection. Over a fast-paced 48 hours, the Fairy Godmother hosts our 'Jane' in a series of motivational challenges, a fabulous head-to-toe makeover, and finally, sets up the ultimate blind date with the crush so that she can declare her feelings in style. With fingers crossed, audiences will be cheering for a love connection for our newly transformed woman and the man of her dreams.