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Celebs In Solitary

4 Celebs. 4 Pods. 5 Days In Total Isolation. How Long Will They Last?

They have everything they need to survive but they are completely and utterly alone. No phone, no internet and no human contact at all. It’s not a competition because the only opponent in this game is themselves. When was the last time you were truly alone? We spend an average of over 8 hours per day online - and it’s even worse for celebrities - they’re expected to post photos, stories and tweets but what happens when the followers, the fans, the viewers, they all just stop? In Solitary is the ultimate anti-social experiment, designed to test the limits of our ability to be completely on our own. Four celebrities step into separate solitary pods, where they will endure five days in total isolation. Each pod is outfitted with a red escape button, taunting the participant at every moment with the option to quit and leave early. How long will they last? Who will crack and who will thrive under the enormous pressure of solitary confinement? And what will they learn about themselves? Time will tell in this nail-biting format that pits us against our ultimate friend or foe: our own mind.