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Care Share

Is intergenerational care the way of the future?

Care Share is a heart-warming factual show that brings toddlers and the elderly together for a transformative social experiment. For three days, toddlers swap daycare for a trip to an elderly home and the chance to meet new friends at the opposite end of the age spectrum. Under the watchful eye of a team of psychologists, who have designed fun activities to bridge the generational gap and uncover common ground, we watch the two groups interact. Will the elderly re-discover old parenting and nurturing skills? Can the toddlers fast-track their development and confidence? And what can these two generations learn from each other? Through the tears and laughter, we discover that they may have more in common than we think, and ‘intergenerational care’ could just be the way of the future. Three days, two generations, one experience… Can the secret to good care really be as easy as one, two, three?