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Tough Young Teachers

Can six rookie teachers make the grade in some of London's toughest schools?

Tough Young Teachers follows six trainee teachers on Britain’s toughest graduate programme. The series has unprecedented access to Teach First, an international charity that hand-picks the brightest young graduates and places them into schools in deprived areas where they will learn on the job for two years to earn a teacher qualification. From day one they are expected to hit the ground running; they can teach up to 500 students a week and just like their more experienced colleagues, they are expected to get results from their students. Can these idealistic novice teachers make any impact in the classroom? Will they be able to handle the pressure and long hours, and qualify as professionals? Filmed over the course of a year in three London schools, Tough Young Teachers follows the personal stories of six driven young people tackling head-on the tough issues in education today.