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The Town That Never Retired

Do retired people have what it takes to compete in today's job market?

More 65 year-olds than ever are staying in work, for one simple reason; they can’t afford not to. Rather than enjoying a golden retirement, today’s new-borns are going to have to work until they’re 77. But how will they cope working such long hours at such an advanced age? In The Town That Never Retired, 14 retirees, all in their 70s, are sent back to full time work for a two week period. Some startling and, at times, unexpected truths are revealed as they take up their posts on a construction site and in a chocolate factory, an Italian restaurant, a health clinic and an estate agent. Can they really compete against the younger employees and challenge their colleagues’ preconceptions of the elderly? And how will their bosses react to a more mature workforce? Who will survive and will any of them be hired when the two weeks are up?