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The Big Allotment Challenge

Amateur gardeners compete in a classic 'Grow. Make. Eat' challenge. 

Since the dawn of modern times, gardens have stood as timeless symbols of our connection to the natural world, and are an endless source of pride for the passionate people who tend them. Now, with The Big Allotment Challenge, dedicated amateur kitchen gardeners can put their skills to the ultimate horticulture test, competing in pairs to see who can grow the best garden. Captured over one crucial growing season, this unpredictable seed-to-table journey demands not only careful planning, but the good sense and nerve to master all weather conditions, oversee organic pest control, and artfully deliver the finest vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs through a series of challenges. Can our teams step up and impress the exacting judging panel? Elimination looms after each episode, and only one pair of gardeners will emerge victorious in this fresh format’s Grand Final.