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Goodbye House

Where home and heart collide.

Goodbye House is a heart-warming celebration of a beloved home and the emotional journey of moving to a new house. Each episode features one story of a person or family ready to leave their home for a fresh start, but who will pick their new house? 


It will be the task of 3 friends or family members who will each pick a house they think is perfect for our contributor. Things will get competitive as the homes are presented for selection. After seeing all the options, it’s up to the contributor to make the final call, deliberating carefully before selecting one they will call home. It may sound easy but saying goodbye to a house full of memories is always harder than it looks. Property shows have continued popularity,​ Goodbye House is a competitive property​ show with an emotional aim at its heart.​ It tells the stories of the houses we’ve ​formed memories in over the years and ​reveals who in our lives knows best what​ our next best move should be.