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The Big Decision

Can two business giants make the tough decisions needed to save failing companies in need of help?

Two top investors visit two companies on the brink of financial collapse and decide whether to save one of them, both, or neither. Without the investors' cash – and expertise – these businesses could face bankruptcy within weeks, with the painful prospect of redundancies for the staff. In this business reality format, everyone has an opportunity to benefit. Each  company will receive support and guidance that will give them the chance to prosper once again. Our business moguls will share their industry know-how with the companies and the viewers at home in this uplifting series – shining a light on the challenges of running a business and the tricks to stay on top. As the process nears conclusion, the investors decide if they will throw a lifeline to the failing companies in the form of a big cash investment to bring their company back into profitability. Relevant in this unprecedented time of global change, The Big Decision is a life-changing business reality show.