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The Odd Squad

Stick together to bring home the bounty.

Teamwork wins the day in The Odd Squad, where a group of strangers of all shapes and sizes must trek across extreme terrain and navigate a series of challenges, specifically engineered to test their fears, physiques and phobias. If they all cross the finish line together they’ll win an equal share of $100,001 but for everyone that doesn’t make it, the jackpot fades away, as each team member has a bounty on their head. The contestants undertake a pre-mission physical that determines their bounties; the fittest is worth $1 and the fattest is worth $50,000. Their goal is to get everyone over the finish line – particularly the weakest and therefore most valuable team members. It’s a mission of self-discovery that will push team mates to absolute breaking point.  Will this unlikely bunch come together and work as a group and can they bring home the bounty?