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Nick & Margaret: Too Many Immigrants

With immigration at the forefront of the national news agenda, Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford star in this investigative and experimental two-part documentary that explores the impact of immigration on the UK. Bringing both sides of the immigration debate together,  five sets of UK-born citizens with strong views on immigration challenge  five sets of immigrants who are all living and working legally in the UK. Their aim: to assess whether they are a ‘gain’ or ‘drain’ on the country. They will explore their impact on key areas of the immigration debate, including jobs, housing, public services and cultural integration. Together, each pairing will debate the issues, challenge each other’s views and discover how accurate their perceptions are. Meanwhile, Nick and Margaret will go on a fact-finding mission and speak to a range of experts before each UK-born civilian weighs up whether the immigrant they’ve been paired with is a ‘gain or drain’.