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Win Your Wishlist

All that stands between you and your dreams... is the floor.

We've all got one. In the back of our mind, a faraway list of luxury goods, home improvements, or an extravagant holiday we can only dream of. Win Your Wish List gives ordinary families and friends a once in a lifetime opportunity to win their very own Wish List. To secure their most wanted prizes the contestants must play six fast-paced rounds of questions and games that culminate in a high stakes finale where they’ll have the chance to win the Star Prize – a holiday of a lifetime! In each round, chosen contestants take part, while the others cheer them on from the sofa. Tensions build as the vast studio floor comes alive in light and motion, illuminating a giant red and green game board. Only correct answers and smart moves can keep the players in the green, and prevent prize selections and dreams from disappearing into the red.